Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings

Entertainment For All Ages

James was one of the first magicians to adapt to the virtual platform worldwide. Since March 2020 he has performed for dozens of virtual events, lectured on how to preform virtually, written a book on the topic and has been published in The Linking Ring (a secret publication that goes out to over 100,000 magicians internationally).

Besides performing magic, James also had a career as an Operations Director. He has a good feel for the flow of meetings and the level of professionalism expected.

Available Services 

Anywhere from a short opening performance (5 minutes) to a feature presentation (20-30 minutes) for your group that can:

• Raise attendance and attention
• Break the ice
• Provide Pure Entertainment

Reach out to James to learn more

“Scheduled a live performance with James before Covid-19 hit, which was no longer a viable option when the date came up. I reached out to see if he would be willing to present online, and to my surprise he was already setup to do such. It worked out great! James did a wonderful job adapting his show and even worked in virtual audience participation.” – Misty L.