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1986 James’s kindergarten gym teacher performs a card trick for their class and this sparked James’s interest.  James asked his gym teacher where he learned the magic.

March 25, 1988 At the age of 6, James wins the talent show in Mrs Thomas’s 2nd grade class.

March 29, 1988– James performs his act for the entire school and catches the performing bug.


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1991 James starts performing shows for various organizations around De Kalb, IL including scouts, birthdays and school Fun Fairs.

1997 James wins the high school talent show performing a version of Houdini’s Metamorphosis that he constructed with his brother.


2007 After completing his degree in art James moves to Madison WI to further his education and enters a career in hospitality and operations.

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September 19, 2016 Performing just a few shows a month James decides to take the leap into performing full time.

2016 - Present
– James is performing regularly and has won several awards for his strolling magic and stage magic nationally.

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